Thanks for reading the Blog, friends! We have some new stuff for you. Some is GOING TO run out immediately and we’re sorry about that. Others will be ready for grabs and text holds. Please send any hold requests to 314-399-9339 and include your name.

Prairie Apple Brandy Noir – LIMIT 1 PER (NO HOLDS)

It’s BACK!! HHNNNGGGG!! This is one of the shop favorites and is just crazy stupid good. Unfortunately it’s also crazy stupid limited. NO HOLDS on this one. It’s on the shelf and on the Friday Flight!

Prairie Americana – SEASONAL

Remember this one? If you don’t you should try it. It’s a dry hopped farmhouse ale but it’s dry hopped like an IPA. SO good!

De Molen Spanning & Sensatie – ONE OFF STOUT

(via Untappd Pascal)

Oh holy crap! It’s an Imperial Stout brewed with cacao, chili peppers and sea salt. This is from one of the best stout producers in the world.

De Molen Mout & Mocca – ONE OFF STOUT

(via Untappd Kyle)

De Molen’s Coffee Imperial Stout. Again, they make some of the best stouts in the world. This one is amazing.

Jolly Pumpkin La Vida Improvisacion – LIMITED SEASONAL

They call it a Michigan Sour Beer? We call it a bang-up addition to the JP lineup.

Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam – BACK AGAIN

Easily one of their best beers and PERFECT for this weather.

Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga – BACK AGAIN

The Jolly Pumpkin “Grand Cru” beer. So nice, light, and simple.