Whattup Beer Friends?! Happy “Ahh Crap It’s Only” Tuesday! Well, we have some new and cool stuff for you so it can’t be all THAT bad, right? Take a look at what’s landed and shoot us a text message if you’d like a hold.

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Big Muddy Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Coffee Stout – LIMIT 2

(via Untappd Brian V.)

Have you had their Vanilla Stout? It’s super good. Well, they infused it with coffee (!!!) and aged it in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels (!!!!). Oh man… Limited to just two!

Evil Twin / Amager From Amager with Love – BACK AGAIN

(via Untappd Shane H.)

12% Imperial Stout with blueberries. Ummm… yes please? We’ve had this one a couple times and it’s back again!

Boulevard Kolsch – NEW YEAR ROUND

(via Untappd Phil A.)

This is a Kolsch. Kolsch, meet our friends! Kolsch is a light, crisp, “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS WEATHER” beer. Super crushable.

Ommegang Siren Song – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Joe B.)

It’s a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (AKA Abt, AKA Quad) with Figs and Raisins. If Quads are your style of choice, this one is great. Fermented with the Ommegang house yeast strain for that memorable flavor.

Top Picks

Yeah, we love beer too, duh! So we wanted to let you know about a couple surprising beers that we have which we highly suggest you try.

Alpine Windows Up

(via Untappd Noah G.)

Alpine makes some of the absolute best IPAs. Each one totally different from the other. Now Windows Up brings us Citra and Mosaic hops which means.. citrus bomb!

Stillwater On Fleek

(via Untappd Nicole P.)

One of our all-time favorite Imperial Stouts disappeared for a few months. Well it’s back and the samer as ever!