Well how about that… we got some deliveries today! Actually some pretty darn cool stuff. You should take a look at what we have and NOTICE OUR NEW HOLD SYSTEM! Check it out and hit us up.

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2nd Shift Vanilla LSD – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Evan H.)

For realz?? We didn’t expect to get ANY of this one… yet, here we are. Sadly limited and we can’t accommodate all.

2nd Shift Brewligans – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Rob A.)

Brewligans is here too.. We got almost NOTHING!! So sad. We’ll try to spread them out.

2nd Shift Little Big Hop – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Ryan V.)

Same story with Little Big Hop. Super slim pickins.

Destihl Amra


(via Untappd Mark H.)

We’ve been waiting and waiting for this one! It’s a new Mango IPA from Destihl. Sweet!

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