WOW!! This week JUST GOT INTERESTING! Check out what our buddies at Shelton Bros brought in today. Plus there are some other fun new beers that have landed. Check it out and text us for hold requests!

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Holy Mountain The Seer – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Chet H.)

Holy Mountain came and went in a minute last year. We only got a little bit more. This one is a hoppy saison aged in oak foeders.

Holy Mountain The Ox – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Taylor F.)

Another from Holy Mountain. This one is a barrel aged Brett beer with citrus.

Grimm Double Negative – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Ray R.)

One of the best NON-Barrel Aged stouts in the world. We only got a small amount. If you’re feeling swift, you can get up here to snag another on the shelf.

Brewfist/Prairie Spaghetti Western Grappa Barrel Edition – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Edward)

We were lucky enough to have this one on tap for a short time. Have you had Grappa before? It’s distilled grape “must” which is like the seeds, skins, stems, and whatnot. It’s intense but it works amazingly well as a barrel to age this amazing stout.

Libertine Jove – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Bryan)

We got a small amount of Libertine again. This stuff is seriously legit. This one, unfortunately is the smallest allotment. It’s a Blackberry Gose! HHHNGGG!

Libertine Central Coast Saison

 (via Untappd Brian C.)

A barrel aged and barrel fermented wild saison. YUM!

Libertine Brewing Wild IPA – LIMIT 1 PER

Their wild fermented IPA. That just sounds awesome. Will be on the flight soon, we imagine!

Libertine Pacific Ocean Blue – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Andres B.)

The Gose from Libertine is BACK. WOOT!

Way Beer Jabutigose

(via Untappd Rodrigo C.)

Ok, it’s from Brazil… and a lot of it is in Spanish. So what we gather is that it’s some sort of Gose with Jabuti in it? DUH!

Way Beer Cachaca Coffee Brown

(via Untappd Rodrigo C.)

Again, we are interpreting this one as a Brown Ale of some sort with Coffee in it. Forgive us, our Spanish is not great. :/

Avery Hog Heaven – IN CANS!

(via IPAdrian D.)

It’s in CANS now?? Sweet! Seriously, 22oz of this beer was A LOT at 9.2% so…. STRONG WORK, Avery! Plus they now call it an Imperial Red IPA which is really what it was before when they called it a Barleywine. Semantics….

Deschutes Swivelhead Red

(via Untappd Jim)

It’s a new Red IPA from Deschutes and the hop character absolutely delivers. Great hoppy beer!

Public House Farmstand Peach

(via Untappd Casey R.)

Public House is so subtle with their fruit and this one is no exception. SUPER crushable for the upcoming hot days, for sure.

Ciderboys Pineapple Hula

(via Untappd Jessica S.)

Ok, granted we haven’t tried this one yet… but Brandon predicts this one is gonna be ‘uge! But of course, Brandon loves Grand Mimosa in an uncomfortable way… relax, Brandon!