Ok, here’s the Shelton Bros haul we promised! New Bruery, Crooked Stave, and Jolly Pumpkin for your face hole.. Text us if you want any holds!

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies РLIMIT 1

(via Untappd Marcelo C.)

There were only FOUR CASES of this beer to hit MO (don’t pay attention to those other ones down the street, those are different). A sour Belgian Strong Dark ale aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels! Super limited, can’t accommodate all. Very sorry!

Bruery Saule – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Matt T.)

This is their new anniversary beer. An Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. 16.1% from one of the best BA producers in the world!

Bruery Guava Libre – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd UserName)

Holy moly!! It’s a collab with Funky Buddha?? A Lacto cream ale with Vanilla and Guava. OK!!

Bruery Frucht: Passion Fruit

(via Untappd Becca)

This series is seriously legit. Their foeder aged Berliner with passion fruit… the last ones were UNBELIEVEABLE.

Bruery Sans Pagaie

(via Untappd Beau R.)

Essentially a Kriek Lambic.. this one is a ton of cherries, wild fermented in foeders.

Bruery Goses are Red

(via Untappd Carla S.)

A GOSE??? SWEEET! Salty like we’d expect but fermented with grapes. Nice!

Jolly Pumpkin Revelry Isla Estrana – LIMIT

(via Untappd UserName)

A new one from Jolly Pumpkin featuring juniper and pine! Sounds like Grimm Super Spruce!

Jolly Pumpkin Rozilla

(via Untappd Fritz M.)

The BIG version of La Roja is back and more La Roja-ish than ever.