HEY it’s Saturday and we actually got some NEW stuff! Plus, we haven’t put out a blog all week so how about now??

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4 Hands Ca$h Mony


(via Untappd Craig W.)

What?? In CANS?? Yeah, we know you probably already knew about this but we just got ours today. SO FRESH!!

Half Price Avery Tweak! – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Tom M.)

We got some more at that lovely lovely cheap price. They all sold out in 2 days last time so LET’S GO!

Logboat Mr. Moot


(via Untappd Mike S.)

SWEET!! Such an amazing Brown Ale. We love this one. Sadly, crazy stupid limited.

New Holland Tangerine Space Machine


(via Untappd Jeremy)

What’s up with that glass?? Well the beer in it is pretty freaking great. It’s a NEIPA so you know you want that hazy freshness…

Stone Tangerine Express


(via Untappd Arya R.)

This awesome IPA is now in cans instead of 20oz bombers. We applaud the move. AWESOME beer but much much better vessel.

Deschutes Hop Henge


(via Untappd Phil C.)

This one used to be labelled as “Experimental IPA” which refers to the type of hop. Now it’s no longer experimental and just simply GREAT!

Great Divide Chocolate Yeti


(via Untappd Erlend R.)

22oz of 9.5% chocolately velvety awesomeness.

Ska Pink Vapor Stew


(via Untappd Manweee)

Manny likes this one a lot. It’s the first American Wild Ale from Ska and it’s good! All sorts of fun stuff in this one including beets and carrots… weird… but again, super tasty.

Santa Fe Lustgarten


(via Untappd Manweee)

Another one that sounds goofy AF.. but it all works well together! This one is a dark lager with Raspberry. Super smooth and slightly sweet. It’s a good’n!

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