Wait a second… we NEVER get stuff on Saturdays. Well, today is our lucky day because we have some new stuff. Check em out, do some holds, come see us for a beer!

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Piney River BA Raise a Ruckus – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Steve W.)

It’s the first time we’ve had a barrel aged beer from Piney River. It’s spoda be awesome but haven’t tried it yet. Barrel Aged with coffee and vanilla beans

Stone Totalitarian IRS


(via Untappd Mike S.)

Repackaged IRS? Maybe! It’s a huge boozy Imperial Russian Stout. And a fantastic one at that. AND it’s 12oz bottles. Bang!

4 Hands Dakine


(via Untappd Sergei S.)

IT’S BACK, BABY!! Nothing says SPRING IS COMING like this beer and then Contact High. LET’S GO!

4 Hands Ripple


(via Untappd Keith F.)

Oh. It’s a Belgian Wit.

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