This day… this week.. it’s gonna be intense! This is the first round of the crazy stuff. Check em out and for the love of Pete COME SEE US!

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Prairie Birthday Bomb – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd James)

Check it OUT!! Prairie Birthday Bomb has returned! This beer is just amazing.. it’s regular bomb with caramel syrup. For whatever reason, caramel syrup does amazing things to Bomb.

Prairie Blueberry Boyfriend – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd James S.)

A new one for Prairie, a blueberry sour in a can!

Boulevard Bou Lou – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Elaine M.)

It’s a pineapple coconut wheat beer collab with Tech N9ne!! WHAT??

Evil Twin BA Maple Bourbon Cake – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd UserName)

Too. Many. Words. Evil Twin has won the battle. Our beer name feature doesn’t fit this many characters by a LONG shot. Anyway, we only got a few of these so NO HOLDS, only come-getsies.

Tilquin Mure – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Justin D.)

Blackberry Lambic from one of the worlds best producers. Trying to fight off the urge to faint… 375ml bottles. No holds.

Tilquin Quetsche – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Maxime D.)

The plum version.. again, unbelievable beer. Again, no holds. Sorry!

Tilquin Gueuze – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Ferdi Z.)

HOLDS!! Just not very many. This is the classic Gueuze. Again, amazing and super limited.

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