It’s here! The brand new Imperial Stout from Perennial has finally landed. Aptly named Perennial Coffee Stout, this one is a totally new Imperial Stout built on their new Imperial Stout base and bleneded with Dark Matter coffee. Needless to say, it’s spectacular. Limiting to 12 CANS MAX per person (so six 2-Packs) to start the day.

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Perennial Artisan Ales Coffee Stout


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For the full distribution batch, Tim and Phil selected a blend of two beans: The first is a washed coffee from the Santa Petrona farm in El Salvador. The second is from the San Jeronimo Miramar farm in Guatemala and was fermented with Bavarian Wheat Yeast. Brewed with a malt bill comprised of a bevy of European specialty malt and loads of flaked oats. With this rich stout base, the coffee melds with the caramel and chocolate malts to bring forward layers of chocolate cake and freshly brewed coffee, all wrapped up with a smooth yet boozy finish. This beer reminds us of putting chocolate sauce in your morning coffee, late night diner hangs, and early morning stout brewshifts.

Style: Stout РAmerican Imperial / Double
ABV: 11.5%

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