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Crane is BACK!!

Well as we LIVE and BREATH…. Crane has returned!! Feeling quite faint TBH. Take a look at what’s arrived and (WAIT FOR IT….) either TEXT OR check off what you’d like below. WHAT?? Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339… Continue Reading →

2nd Shift Has Landed!

NICE!! We got some strong reloads on 2nd Shift today. It always feels good when 2nd Shift hits the shelves. Take a look and what’s in store and YES we’ll do holds on these bad boys. Want a hold? Simply… Continue Reading →

Backwoods Bastard is HERE!!

In a rare occurrence, we’re posting a blog with ONLY ONE BEER! How about that? Well we assume that you’re not going to be reading any more knowing that it’s only one beer so we’ll go ahead and say something… Continue Reading →

Halloween Treats are In Store Now!

Happy Halloween, Beer Geeks! We’re going to celebrate with an in-store Candy & Beer pairing that you shouldn’t miss! (Starts at 6 PM today). Check out what’s landed in the shop and come see us this evening! Want a hold?… Continue Reading →

Advent Boxes Return for 2017!

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The Craft Beer Cellar Advent Box is a full case of 24 individually wrapped and numbered craft beers, each hand selected by the Beer Geeks at Craft Beer Cellar. The selections in each box are thoughtfully chosen to reflect our… Continue Reading →

Tilquin & Against the Grain Special Delivery!

As if we haven’t gotten enough beer already, a NEW load just arrived. This time, Against the Grain and Tilquin. It’s important to note that there are some HIGHLY limited items in this blog post. Be ready to hold and… Continue Reading →

New Beer Keeps Rolling In… On a Wednesday

It’s just one of those weeks.. Feeling like a freight train. Non-stop new beers all week long and all we can do is try to keep up. LUCKILY they are super extra awesome AND they are beer after all! Take… Continue Reading →

Tuesday Surprise… MARZ!

Well HOT damn.. we have Marz Jungle Boogie on the shelf and NOW we get a ton of NEW stuff from them? That’s amazing because we absolutely adore their beer. Here’s what’s landed. Want a hold? Simply select each beer… Continue Reading →

Intense Tuesday Haul Incoming: Part 2

SO much new beer today.. we just had to make this blog a 2-parter. Here’s what ELSE has landed today. Hit us up for holds. Want a hold? Simply select each beer you want below and enter your name and… Continue Reading →

Intense Tuesday Haul Incoming: Part 1

Well then! We got some ABSOLUTELY insane stuff in today. Some are “In Store Only” and some are available for holds. But the moral of the story is that you should get up here today! Take a look at what’s… Continue Reading →

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