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Abomination Brewing Company Midnight Snack

(img courtesy Abomination)

Brewed with Lactose, Oats, midnight wheat and aged on a ridiculous amount of locally sourced coffee ,vanilla beans and Pink Frosted Donuts!

Style: Stout – Imperial Milk / Sweet
ABV: 12.4%
PRICE: $5.29 / $18.49

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Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. Pseudo Sue

(img courtesy Toppling Goliath)

This single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. Ferocious hop aromas of citrus and mango give a refreshing taste that is bright with just enough bite!

Style: Pale Ale – American
ABV: 6.8%
PRICE: $2.99 / $10.79

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Central State Brewing Company Halsdurchschlag

(img courtesy Central State)

Berliner Weiss-Style Ale with Meyer Lemons � When we first met Chef Seth Elgar of The Roost in Bloomington (formerly Finch’s Brasserie) it was over a plate of fresh oysters, so it seemed fitting that the beer we brewed with him be made to pair with fresh seafood. Tart and refreshing, this Berliner Weiss is complemented perfectly by the addition of fresh Meyer Lemons for a clean and piney finish. Malt Bill: Indiana Pilsner malt, Wheat Hops: Galaxy (but not a lot) Yeast: CSB House Yeast Blend, Lactobacillus Serving Temperature(F): 40-45 Glassware: Tulip or snifter

Style: Sour – Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.5%
PRICE: $2.99 / $10.69

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Hoof Hearted Everybody Wants Some Simcoe

(img courtesy Untappd user Brandonsdrunkagain)

Our rotating single hop DIPA series. We are embarking on a fantastical journey (or dare we say quest) to put a singular focus on all of our favorite hop varieties, one at a time. A light and simple malt base of Pilsner Malt and Oats allow the single hop varieties to shine without stepping on it’s toes.

Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 8%
PRICE: $5.59 / $19.49

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Hoof Hearted Thanks for Letting Us Play Tonight

(img courtesy Untappd user zachmcwilliams)

Style: Pale Ale – New England
ABV: 5.5%
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Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. Little Blue Penguin

(img courtesy Untappd user Beerswithshim)

Two hops from New Zealand: NELSON SAUVIN and MOTUEKA, plus sauvignon blanc grape juice. This combination creates a complex flavor with a tropical fruit finish.

Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 7.7%
PRICE: $5.59 / $19.49

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Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. Remove the Beer From the Bottom of the Ocean

(img courtesy Untappd user kthorng)

EUREKA and MOSAIC hops create a complex cornucopia of stone fruit and berry flavors but also very earthy and dank.

Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 7.5%
PRICE: $5.29 / $18.49

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