To avoid any confusion, this is for our Clayton location! Anyway, we got some exciting stuff in today that you should know about. Check em out, hit us up for holds, and COME BY FOR HAPPY HOUR! It’s half price Happy Hour today, duh!

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4 Hands Liquid Wet Hop


(via Untappd Slop N.)

SO WET! Unlike regular beer, this one is wet. HOPPED! And it’s delicious

Central State Fireface


(via Untappd McKinley N.)

WOW! It’s a Farmhouse IPA with Pineapple and Jalapenos? That sounds good AF. Need that spicy RIGHT NOW

Central State Cast No Shadow On Liberty


Image result for Cast No Shadow On Liberty
(via Central State)

A farmhouse style IPA as well!

Central State Ottermelon


(via Untappd Shane)

A gose with watermelon?? FINALLY! We’ve been waiting for one of these for a while now.

Lagunitas Super Cluster


(via Untappd Robert M.)

OOOoohhhhhhhhh yesss.. MANNY!! Where’s the drool emoji?

Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet – LIMIT 12


(via Untappd Michael H.)

Well somebody got the damn memo. “MAKE THIS BEER YEAR ROUND! And if you could put it in cans that’d be greeeaaaattttt” YAY!

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