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Logboat Pineapple Snapper


(via Untappd Andrew C.)

No, it’s not a super limited release but this beer is definitely coming and going rapidly. We LOVE Logboat and we love Snapper. Pineapple Snapper is just a fantastic IPA. TRY IT!

Odell Jolly Russian


(via Untappd Isaiah H.)

This one IS super limited. But we pulled some strings and got a couple more cases. The Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from Odell is fantastic.

Deschutes The Dissident – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Amy B.)

Deschutes doesn’t do a lot of sour beers. They recently started a line of sours that are draught only and they’re fantastic. However, the Dissident has been around for several years now and it’s released intermittently. It’s an Oude Bruin with cherry and it’s just phenomenal.

Perennial Southside Blonde


(via MyBeerBuzz)

Southside Blonde has been in Perennial’s portfolio for years. It’s about time we had another core beer from them on the shelf! YAY!

Mothers Winter Grind


(via Untappd Megan)

It’s back! Their winter coffee stout has returned for the season.

SweetWater Jamaican Coffee


(via Untappd Jay B.)

This one just SOUNDS fantastic. It’s a 6.6% porter with Jamaican cold press coffee. FRESH!

SweetWater Fresh Sticky Nugs


(via Untappd James M.)

It’s a DIPA from SweetWater? NICE! This is the first time we got their double and it’s super clean.

Sierra Nevada Celebration


(via Untappd Jordan M.)

It’s one we look forward to every year. The fresh hop IPA from Sierra Nevada is back for a short time!

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