This is the first day of New Beer Landings. AKA Delivery Day. AKA The Most Wonderful Time of the Week. Take a look at what’s landed and hit us up for holds.

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Omnipollo Shploing – LIMIT 4


This….. this is a S’MORES IPA. And it’s simply awesome. Sadly limited tho so it’ll go fast.

Nebraska Brunette


Brunette Nut Brown from Nebraska Brewing Company

Nebraska brewing co was founded in 2007 and they make consistently solid beers. Brunette is a Nut Brown ale.

Nebraska Cardinal Pale Ale


We’d like to believe this Pale Ale was made for St. Louis… but probably not.

Nebraska EOS


Their fruity and spicy hefeweizen.

Nebraska Melange a Trois – LIMIT 1


You gotta put your best foot forward… so they brought us their Chardonnay Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde. Niiiiccceee!

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