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Perennial Suburban Beverage


(via Brandon)

YAAAAASSSS!! We love this beer. And this year it’s in CANS?? No, not super limited or anything but it won’t be around long. We highly suggest you get yourself a full case and maybe a 1/6 barrel for special events.

Against the Grain Any IPA – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Stephen P.)

It’s an IPA of course. Supposed to be clear?

Against the Grain 70k – IN STORE ONLY

(via Untappd UserName)

Barrel aged 35k. Mmmm hmmm. Only got a few so in-store only.

Evil Twin Harlan’s Even More Jesus – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Jeremy S.)

We got another case!! So now we can take some holdsies.

Mothers Imperial Grind – LIMIT 6


(via Untappd Max G.)

It’s Winter Grind on human growth hormones. Seriously. It’s a 10.5% ABV monster version of that beer. Without the rage, of course.

Mothers Strawberry Ginger Gose


(via Untappd UserName)

Brief Description

Mothers Sunshine Chugsuckle – IT’S BACK!


(via Untappd Matt L.)

We know you didn’t load up last time because we got a lot of phone calls about it. It’s here again but apparently they only sent A QUARTER of what they were supposed to. It’s here now, it won’t be next week. Just sayin.

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