Yo yo yo! We got some new stuff for the weekend that you should probably know about.

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New Belgium Brewing Company Err on the Side of Awesome (2019) – LIMIT 1


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Dark & golden blended sour with cherries. Wood Cellar Reserve 2019. A wise man advised, “you should err on the side caution”. To that we replied, “we will err on the side of awesome”. This collaboration with our long-time friends and world-class sour producers, The Rare Barrel, is full of complex and risky adventure. We took a portion of our dark sour, blended it with kriek lambic, matured it in our original 17 wine barrels that began our sour program, then blended in a portion of golden sour barrels, before corking and bottle conditioning for several months.

Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 6.5%
Price: $13.19

Heavy Riff Brewing Company Cans!



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HOORAY!! We’ve been waiting for a LONG time to get packaged beer from Heavy Riff. The wait is over! Check em out!

Price: $1.99 / $10.19

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