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Box of Chocolate


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It’s Difficult to express Love’s nuances, much like the complexity of this Belgian style Chocolate Quad. You Might use a Box of Chocolate to express your love, we use it to demonstrate our passion for great beer.

Style: Belgian Quad
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: 15

Brewski Aprikosfeber DIPA


(via Untappd JPBarclay)

Easier drinking than its 8% ABV would seem to allow, with heavy notes of apricot followed by subtle hops. Fans of fruity IPAs should love this.

Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 8%

Brewski Dolph DDH IPA


(via Untappd DougEbeers)

This IPA has been dryhopped to the beyond of what we ever did before. You get to follow us to the dark side of the moon. We are totally breaching new ground of flavors. You will encounter rich tropical notes from all the hops that took a plunch into this beer. This is us showing you that we are not holding back, instead pushing the boundaries, promoting freedom, dolphins and craft beer. Just as dolph would do. Its time to free flipper. Cheers to that!

Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 6%

Sierra Nevada Sierraveza


(via Untappd Der_Hoff-brauhaus)

A new light lager from Sierra Nevada? We’ll get down with that!

Style: Lager – North American Adjunct
ABV: 5%
IBU: 18

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