It’s gonna be an awesome week for beer! Can’t you just feel it?? We got new Bruery cans in today. OH and some amazing one-offs from 2nd Shift. Check em out and hit us up for holds.

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2nd Shift Raspberry Katy – IN STORE ONLY

(via Untappd Eric D.)

FINALLY one of their amazing fruited Katys has hit the shop! But sadly we only got a small amount. This one is for in-store purchase only. You should head over now…

2nd Shift Dons Dirty Dozen – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Abby H.)

12 different forms of Brett all in one beer. And then it’s aged in foeders. This beer is amazing!

2nd Shift Annabelle – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Max G)

Annabelle is a delicious oak aged Brett saison.

Bruery Bakery Coconut Macaroon – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Fabian B.)

We may not have gotten enough of this one. It’s a bourbon barrel aged 13% Imperial Stout with coconut. AND it’s getting huge reviews. AND it’s cheap AF! Like $6.50 range. We’ll hold at 4 pp until we get smacked in the head with reality.

Bruery Or Xata – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Ryan R.)

This beer is awesome. We’re PUMPED to see it in 16oz cans. 750ML was a lot of this one but 16oz?? Yeah, we can do that!

Bruery Mischief


(via Untappd Scott G.)

A Belgian Strong Ale that’s dry hopped with American hops. No sour, no tart, all delicious. Again… cans are a stroke of genius. Great job, guys!

Off Color Jerkbird


(via Untappd Brad G.)

Ha ha! He’s taking a selfie! Jerk Bird is ANOTHER Belgian Strong Ale. This one is 9.5% and super clean and crisp. We love this time of year!

Off Color Cygnet


(via Untappd Richard H.)

This one is just beautiful. It’s an American Wild Ale brewed in collab with Jester King. It’s a mixed culture fermentation with koji aged 13 months in foeders.

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