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Mikkeller Mexas Ranger


Ale brewed with spices, almond milk, cocoa, chili, black beans & avocado leaves. 4.5 Ryans.

Summit Pilsner Cans


Authentic Saaz hops from the Czech Republic give our Pilsener just the right amount of spicy floral aroma. With a crisp, refreshing malt backbone and lightly spiced hops, it’s a taste of the Bohemian life. 4.75 Ryans.

Woodchuck Gumption


Legendary showman P.T. Barnum once noted, “everybody drank cider-spirits called ‘gumption’.” That is the story behind Woodchuck’s latest year-round cider, Gumption. Gumption celebrates the spirit of P.T. Barnum and those with the gumption to follow their own path. Cider: 4.25 Ryans. Copy: 1.0 Ryans.

Big Muddy Monster Cans


A marriage of an American Brown Ale with a hop-centric India Pale Ale. A monster of an ale with robust malt backbone and a mean hop-streak. The beer is brewed with five different varieties of specialty malts, three hop additions during the boil and a generous dose of Citra hops during conditioning to give the beer a lively, distinctive aroma that hits the senses before the first sip is ever taken. 4.25 Ryans.

Omnipollo Table Beer


“In my mind there are only two beverages that live up to life-long drinkability; one is water and the other is milk. Swedes drink more milk per capita than any other nation in the world so I chose milk for my inspiration.” —Henok Fentie (Head Brewer, Omnipollo)

 “I’d drink that.” -Ryan (Beer Geek, Craft Beer Cellar)

Excel Piasa Pilsner


Named after the mysterious winged beast that haunts the bluffs along the Illinois side of the Mississippi, this pre-prohibition style pilsner celebrates the early American take on classic German pilsners. 4.5 Ryans.

Sudwerk Northern Pilsner


A Northern German-style Pilsner brewed in Northern California. Our pilsner is brewed entirely with pale two-row Weyermann, true to the style. A special blend of Bavarian Hallertauer and Tettnanger hops are used during brewing, adding to the sharp finish. Winner of the coveted “Brewers Choice” award for 25 consecutive years and counting. 4.55 Ryans.

Sudwerk California Dry Hopped Lager


The perfect blend of West Coast piney citrus hop aromas mixed with the crisp refreshment of a German Helles lager. This classic lager style is dry-hopped with copious amounts of Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascade hops to create a new-age West Coast craft lager like none other. 4.25 Ryans.

Sudwerk Farmer’s Market Citrus Gose

Citrus Gose

From the depths of the cave emerges Sudwerk’s first ever summer seasonal: the Farmers Market Citrus Gose Lager. Gallivanting in at 6.0% ABV, this gose lager boasts a fresh citrus flavor squeezed from our neighbor, Rainwater Ranch’s navel oranges, providing a tangy twist to the traditional salty and sour gose. Flawlessly complimented by the fruity and citrus aromas of the mosaic hop and the lemony dill notes from the sorachi ace hops, this beer is sure to pack a party into your senses. 5.1005 Ryans.

Sudwerk Cascaderade

Inspired by the iconic Cascade hop and named for the rugged mountain range that stretches from British Columbia to Northern California. This beer was carefully dry-hopped with the finest Cascade hops from Yakima Valley, creating a citrusy, piney and refreshing West Coast taste. Elevate your Lager experience. Lots of Ryans.


Sudwerk Big DIPL


We have continued our mission to redefine the American Lager, with a bold brew that is a super nova of hop bitterness and aroma. It showcases the coveted Galaxy hops, a hard-to-find variety from New Zealand that combines the tang of grapefruit, melon and passion fruit. IPA fans will enjoy this highly aromatic, intensely flavorful lager, colliding on the palate for the hoppiest beer ever bottled by Sudwerk. All the Ryans.