We got a LOT of new beer in today. HOORAY for Post-Labor Day deliveries! This is a 2-part blog today because of exactly HOW MUCH new stuff we got. Have a look and most importantly, COME STOP BY FOR A BEER!

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UCBC Urban Underdog


(via Untappd Steve C.)

RELOADED!! We have been absolutely flying through this beer. It’s light and delicious AND $3 from each 8pk goes to charity! Get some, yo!

Odell Rupture


(via Untappd Harry)

Let’s first get this out of the way… on the can, it’s called “Fresh Grind Ale.” Well that’s not a real style so let’s just call it an IPA. It utilizes a new method of hop preparation which involves crushing the hops. Much lower IBUs and much cleaner flavor result.

Bell’s Double Cream Stout – LIMIT 6


(via Untappd Vince S.)

Back again for 2017 and sadly a in bit lower quantity. Bell’s Double Cream Stout is simply delicious and it tells us that awesome weather is right around the corner!

Bell’s Best Brown Ale


(via Untappd Jon B.)

Yep, it’s JUST a Brown Ale… but there’s a reason it’s called “Best Brown Ale”. This one is great.

Bell’s Octoberfest – LIMIT 12


(via Untappd Kristin M.)

Bucking the tradition of spelling Oktoberfest with a K, Bell’s brings us their Octoberfest again this year. One of the best in the US, hands down. And we’re featuring this one AND our other favorites on this week’s Friday Flight!

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