It’s time for MORE 4 HANDS GOODIES. Plus some other fun stuff that you should know about now.

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4 Hands Typhon – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Eric B.)

A new rye based Saison from 4 Hands?? OK! Let’s do it!

4 Hands Send Help


(via Untappd Lee C.)

IT’S BACK!! Sweeeeeet! We absolutely adore this beer. A blonde ale (for summer!) that’s dry hopped (for summer) and super smashable (FOR SUMMER!!). DRINK IT!

Tallgrass Key Lime Pie – IT’S BACK!


(via Untappd Jared Rene)

ALRIGHT!! This one came and went in a flash and IT’S BACK again! WOOOOOT! Tastes just like key lime pie.

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