We got a huge haul of new stuff today. Some of our favorite breweries have showed up with exciting new beer. Check out what’s landed and text us for holds.

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Grimm Sugarmaker – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd rich)

An Imperial Stout brewed with maple syrup and vanilla? Oh holy schmoly!! Not a ton to go around so please, one per person.

Grimm Sumi Zest – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Clay S.)

Another Imperial Stout, this one brewed with orange zest and vanilla! Haven’t tried it yet but it’s gotten amazing ratings so far.

Grimm Blackberry Orange Pop!

(via Untappd George R.)

THIS is one of the reasons we love Grimm! They do crazy stuff and it just works. This is their lacto fermented sour with Blackberry and Orange. They call it a dessert sour. The last one, Raspberry Pop!, was just amazing!

Grimm Color Field

(via Untappd Howard S.)

This is Batch 2, completely different from Batch 1. (Big shoes to fill, btw) A red sour with rose hips, hibiscus, and chamomile.

Anchorage Love and Death of Damnation

(via Untappd Zach)

A single IPA from Anchorage?? Yep, that’s right! Hopped with Mosaic and Equinox hops. And a great price!

To Ol Sur Sorachi Ace

(via Untappd Luke)

Another offering from their AMAZING Sur series, this one is dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. If you haven’t tried To Ol yet, stop what you’re doing and try them!

Dieu du Ciel! Peche Mortel – BACK AGAIN

(via Untappd Ryan)

Arguably the best coffee stout we’ve ever had in the shop. Deep, rich body with a super fresh Espresso flavor. This one is just perfect.

La Sirene Paradoxe – NEW BREWERY

(via Untappd Angus)

A new brewery to land in St. Louis, hailing from Australia. They’ve been making so unique and exciting sours and this one is no exception.

La Sirene Sour Red – NEW BREWERY

(via Untappd Kristin)

A gorgeous Flanders Red style sour brewed with rose petals and hibiscus for a lovely and clean tart character. Delicious!

Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Passion Fruit

(via Untappd Logan R.)

We got TWO new fruited Berliners from Mikkeller. This one is passionfruit and it’s freaking awesome!

Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Raspberry

(via Untappd Logan R.)

And their new Raspberry one. Did we mention #ProperGlassware yet? Because NIICCEEE!!

Anchor Liberty IPA – NEW IPA RELEASE

(via Untappd Alexander)

An IPA based on the Liberty ale? Sweet! We love that beer.

Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA – NEW IPA RELEASE

(via Untappd Jill)

The most “out-of-the-box” thing we’ve ever seen from Anchor. Or ever expected to see. An IPA brewed with Blackberries. How ’bout dat?

Lagunitas Doppel Weizen

(via Untappd Marc)

We hear this one is really hoppy. (Lagunitas making something really hoppy??? Nahhh) So it’s a doppel weizen or weizenbock that’s hopped. Sounds great if it were warm outside.

Ballast Point Tart Peach Kolsch

(via Untappd Tom)

Yep, the Spring beers are starting to roll in. You wouldn’t know it by the weather tho! So a light bodied, wheat based Kolsch with peaches and TART! Nice!