Well well well, look at this! We got Ruby’s Tears from Marz! Plus some other fun stuff has landed. Take a look and hit us up for any holds!

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Marz Ruby’s Tears – LIMIT 2 PER PERSON

(via Untappd Carlos G.)

Marz is one of the most impressive regional breweries in recent memory. Hailing from Chicago, this little up-start is producing some AWESOME stuff. This one is a Gose with Hibiscus and Coriander. And it’s amazing!

Crane Orange Gose – LIMITED SEASONAL

(via Untappd Josh)

It’s BACK! That means that we’ve officially had Crane in St. Louis for a year. Definitely pumped about that.

Bell’s Oberon

(via Untappd Nick T.)

Nothing quite tells us that summer’s around the corner like Bell’s Oberon. We love this beer!

Logboat Bear Hair Cans!

(via Untappd Mandy M.)

Their GABF Gold winning Belgian Blonde is back and now available in CANS! WOOT!

Public House Frisco Lager

(via Untappd Casey R.)

So Public House made a Steam beer. This is that beer. Did you know you’re not allowed to call it a Steam beer? Probably because of Anchor (good guys, tho). So it’s called a California Common when other breweries make it. Or, in the case of Public House, a Historic Lager. So Steam Beer = California Common = “Historic Lager”. Learn’t!