Hey Team Awesome!! (THAT’S YOU)

We have some exciting stuff today. Take a look and let your imagination run wild. And text us if you’d like to hold any of these! (Except Rubus Flux) 314-399-9339 with your name.

4 Hands Rubus Flux – NO HOLDS

(Via Untappd Giovanna)

Boysenberry IPA collab with Marz (oooohhhh Marz, sooo amazing)

Stone RuinTen – LIMITED

(Via Untappd Andrew)

HHHNNNGGGG! Stone’s triple IPA is back and somehow BETTER than last year! This 10.8% behemoth will punch you in the face with hops.

Founders Redankulous – NOW IN 4 PACKS!

(Via Untappd Robert M.)

The Imperial Red IPA from last year’s big bottle series is now in 4 Packs! SWEET! This 9.5% brew is bitter sweet and was one of our favorites from Founders last year.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Tart Lychee – LIMITED

(via Untappd Andrea)

We haven’t tried it and probably won’t get the chance! It sounds AWESOME though. We got only a handful of these. But YES we are taking holds.

Odell Drumroll APA – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Courtland L)

New unfiltered APA from Odell. If Odell does anything amazingly well, it’s hops. This one is super crushable.

New Holland Lost Dune – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Dan)

We selected this picture because it sums up how we feel when we tried this one. Gotta be outside playing cornhole, regardless of the weather. Super refreshing.