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Looking for Fast, Reliable and Consistent Keg Delivery in Saint Louis?


We offer keg delivery, pickup, setup, breakdown, cleanup, and catering services for home, office, and events!


We offer FULL draught service including professional line cleaning.


We deliver kegs and bottles throughout St. Louis and BEYOND! Many of our packages INCLUDE delivery as well!


We maintain a HUGE list of beer available by the keg with just ONE BUSINESS day notice!

Hassle Free Keg Delivery. With All The Perks.

Are we the only company in Saint Louis that delivers kegs? Yes! Yes, we are. But we’re so much more than that. 
Having a Party?
We got your back! We’ll get you set up with delivery, a pump, buckets, and ice. We’ll even set up your keg and make sure it’s pouring perfectly. NOT JUST THAT, we’ll also pickup, break down, and clean up after the party.
Have a Kegerator?
We want to be your new best friend! After your first order, FORGET about the deposits! We’ll help you pick out the perfect keg and make sure your draught lines are clean and clear.
Need Beer for the Office?
Offices need beer too! If you have an office kegerator, we’re your BEST option for quick draught delivery, line cleaning, volume discounts, and much more!

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