Fridays are just the BEST! We get NEW BEER and the weekend is starting. What’s not to love?? Well we got some goodies today. Take a look and hit us up for holds.

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Stone Ruinten Vanilla Orange – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Chuck E.)

The AMAZING Stone Triple IPA now with orange peel and vanilla beans. HOLY CRAP!

Odell Brazzle – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd @craftbeer_reviews)

The story goes that there once was 300 lbs of raspberries, quietly minding their own business when suddenly… BAM! They got tossed into an oak barrel and drown in beer. Well, that’s the tale and we’re going with it. This one is amazing.

Destihl Blueberry Gose


(via Untappd Brady B.)

Their Here Gose Nothing has been fermented with blueberries for a fantastic, light, fruity gose. This one just SCREAMS summer.

Old Bakery Hibiscus Tart


(via Untappd Michael B.)

Hibiscus tartness and citrusy floral notes make this one a KILLER summer beer. Try it!

Piney River River Access Lager


(via Untappd bryan K.)

Oh cool! A lager form Piney River? It’s gonna be a good’n!

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