SO much new beer today.. we just had to make this blog a 2-parter. Here’s what ELSE has landed today. Hit us up for holds.

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Lagunitas Born Yesterday – LIMIT 6


(via Untappd Alen A.)

We wait all year for this day. The day that Lagunitas DAY OLD IPA hits the shelves. Today is that day, friends! It will be gone before you know it so you best do a hold now.

Omnipollo Agamemnon – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Jason B.)

An Imperial Stout from Omnipollo is an Imperial Stout you should want right now. This one is brewed with maple syrup.

Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Linus S.)

We sing the praise of Omnipollo as often as we can get their beer. They produce amazingly beautiful beer always. This is one of their traditional Double IPAs. No fruit, no haze, no milk shake. And it’s unbelievable.

Omnipollo Pleroma Raspberry – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Mark S.)

Oh holy crap…. the description says “Creme Brulee Sour”. Ok. WANT!

Omnipollo Lustro White Ultra Light IIPA – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd UserName)

It’s an “ultra light double IPA” they say. It’s 8% ABV so we assume it’s an insanely light bodied beer. We’ll put this on our “must try” list today.

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