And here’s part 2! (Yeah, we missed it on Wednesday. IT GOT BUSY!!)

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Oskar Blues BA TenFidy – IN STORE ONLY

(via Untappd Bryan S.)

IT’S HERE!! Just not a lot. Hurry up, yo!

Nightmare Windlass of Erasmus – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd JØE C.)

Nightmare Brewing. They have 1 beer. Word is they are a “super group” brewery with SO and SOs from all over. This one beer has earned them some immediate buzz. It’s a Gose with blackberry, blackcurrant, and black sea salt. SO BLACK!

Decadent Peach Cream Pop


(via Untappd Harrison C.)

YAASSSS!! A new round of decadence has arrived. 🙂 Peach Cream Pop and more below…

Decadent Vermont Maple


Image result for vermont maple syrup funny
(via Seven Days)

This is the session version of French Toast! NO this is not what the can looks like.

Decadent Mango Coconut Smoothie


Image result for Decadent Mango Coco Smoothie
(via Untappd)

Another DIPA with mango and coconut. Sounds like summer.. sounds like a break from the crap weather TBH.

Fat Orange Cat Severe Tire Damage


(via Untappd Tim M.)

It says “AIPA” on Untappd and that’s it. We’ll expand on that description by commenting on the label. LOOK AT THAT LABEL!

Fat Orange Cat Blood Orange Billy


(via Untappd Bob B.)

6.66% of pure evil. It’s a blood orange NEIPA!

Fat Orange Cat She Drives a Plymouth


(via Untappd Matt K.)

This one is a NEIPA with some hops. WE LOVE THE CAN ARTS! This one is getting amazing reviews.

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