Let’s be honest here – Friday’s are the harbinger of party time. The weekend is fast approaching, work is piling up because next week will take care of itself, and it’s tough to think about anything other than what new beer (or cider) might be out there to try. That’s where we come in. We’re your weekend supply headquarters, and here’s what we’re keeping cold for you right now….


Root Sellers Row Hard Root Beer

Root Sellers Row Hard Root Beer is an alcoholic root beer brewed with pure cane sugar, molasses, spices and botanicals.  It is a true root beer inspired by the traditional brews first made by American colonists more than two centuries ago.  It has a creamy head with notes of vanilla, molasses, sassafras and wintergreen with a sweet finish.  Row Hard Root Beer brewed without grain and it is gluten free.


Doc’s Draft Cider Cassis, Peach, Pear, Framboise, and (yes) Dry-Hopped ciders

“From Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider (great, semi-dry and effervescent refreshment) to the incredibly dry, delicate, and fragrant Doc’s Draft Hard Pear Cider, to the tremendous Doc’s Framboise, which is a dessert beverage that is on par with any dessert wine out there. The raspberry can be sipped on a long hot day…what a delicious enjoyment…”


Mikkeller Spontanseabuckthorn

In the spontan series we present Spontanseabuckthorn – this time, forming an alliance with sea buckthorn that were generously added underway the brewing process, creating a truly unique and distinct, sour beer.


Hermitage Equinox

Equinox comes to us out of Hop Union’s Hop Breeding program in the Pacific Northwest. Our initial impression is that it reminds us of some of our favorite American varieties, with a lot of citrus and tropical fruit underscored by a pleasant herbal character. The citrus is brighter in this one, more lemon-lime than orange or grapefruit. The bitterness is present but not harsh, imparting a slightly resinous, pine-like flavor. The finish is also bright and cooling with a touch of spice.


Stillwater Artisan Ales Vaccuum

A complex blend various smoked, caramel and subdued roasted malts lay the base for a combination of piney, dank and (dark) fruity hops. While there is a lot to contemplate with this beast, just be sure to enjoy it without getting too sucked into its enigmatic composition.


Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break – Very Limited

The Roman Empire had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ – festive food culture, extravagant architecture and spectacular live entertainment. Some might argue the Emperors were brutal, mad and hungry for power, and the people vain when taking baths and working out all day. Listen – that’s still all part of the secret Imperial ingredient – keep it cool, clean, confident, arrogant and flamboyant. Forza Imperiale.

This is just the tip of the CBC iceberg. Come see us and check out our Draught List, try some great beer, and prep for the weekend.