This is shaping up to be an AMAZING week for beer! We got some extremely fun stuff in today already and much more coming later this week. Check out what’s arrived and hit us up for holds.

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Grimm Amarillo Pop! – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Jhfinn)

The next in the “Dessert” berliner weiss series, this one is dry hopped with Amarillo hops and includes vanilla and lactose.

Grimm Vacay – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Jhfinn)

Back again!! This one is a fantastic oak conditioned sour, dry hopped with a blend of German and New Zealand hops. DELICIOUS!


Odell Bull Proof – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Blake D.)

This one is back again but not a lot to go around. It’s a 12% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. From Odell… Please, don’t wait.

Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin – LIMIT 6


(via Untappd Tim S.)

IT’S UNFILTERED SCULPIN!! We had this one on tap for like a minute. It was delicious. Now it’s here in bottles.

Old Bakery Digital Native – LIMIT 8


Digital Native Can Mockup nobg.png
(via Old Bakery)

The folks over there at Old Bakery say it’s “Tropical AF” which means tropical as… the front door?? Who knows. Super dry hopped with all the citrusy hops. This one is delicious!

Green Bench Sunshine City IPA


(via Untappd Ballparks and Brews)

Well HELLO there! We’re finally getting Green Bench cans? Sweet! This one is their best beer. It’s an IPA and is just simply delicious.

Green Bench IPA


(via Untappd Fluffer .)

Their benchmark flagship standard kickass, bring on the good weather IPA.

Green Bench Postcard Pils


(via Untappd Tyler S.)

Just crush it!! 4.7% ABV super light crusher.

Green Bench Happy Hermit


(via Untappd Tony I.)

They call this one an “International Pale Ale”. We call it… a Pale Ale. It’s super hoppy and super sessionable.

Mikkeller Hallo Gooseberry


(via Untappd Filipe C.)

WHAT??? Gooseberry? We seriously love Gooseberry sours. And we love this line of Berliners!

Evil Twin Rhubarb Compote – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Caroline R.)

We got a little bit more of this one. It’s SO good! If you missed it last time, don’t skip out this time around.

Lagunitas Dark Swan


(via Untappd Sarah)

This is one amazing sour. It’s fermented with red wine grapes so it has some vinous characteristics to it. It lies somewhere between tart and fruit forward. It’s just awesome.


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