Well how about that? Funkwerks out of For Collins, CO produces some simply AMAZING sour beers. We’re pumped to have them in the shop. And hey, the owner/founder of Funkwerks will be with us next week!

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Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial


(via Untappd Jimmy Jammy)

The raspberry wild ale. This one is spectacular and it’s only $2.25 per bottle!

Funkwerks Tropic King


(via Untappd Alex K.)

It’s 12oz bottles, not 750ML but that was the best photo available. This one is dubbed an “Imperial Saison” which is NONSENSE! But the beer is freaking delicious.

Funkwerks Saison


(via Untappd WesN)

And the classic Saison. This one is clean, crisp, and simply awesome.

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