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Logboat Yeah Buoy


(via Untappd Sue W.)

Awwww yeah buoy!! The 4 Hands / Logboat collab India Pale Lager is back. This one is a fantastic hoppy lager. Great timing too!

Founders Barrel Runner – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Ryan and Chelsea)

Well dang… another BA IPA from Founders. This one follows up Dankwood which was super tasty.

Founders Double Trouble


(via Untappd Ryan K.)

Another cool return, Double Trouble is a really good DIPA that’s smooth, hoppy, malty, and almost 10% abv!

Old Bakery Super Pils


(via Untappd Jonathan L.)

This one was draught only last year. Now we get the cans.. and those cans!! HOW COOL! We’re loving the new look, guys. The beer is awesome too.

Old Bakery Light Roast


Image result for Old Bakery Light Roast
(via Old Bakery)

A new one from OBB, it’s a light Golden Ale coming in at 5% abv. Then a touch of coffee added. NICE

Charleville Ale Mucho Hoppo – LIMIT 12


(via Untappd Justin S.)

Back again for 2018. The renouned DIPA from Charleville!

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