The Encyclopedia Britannica states that Friday contains all of the elements required to be considered the BEST day for beer out of all the other days. Sure, maybe we’re paraphrasing, but who are we to disagree? Point being, you should definitely come up here today! Take a look at what’s arrived;

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Dragons Milk Mocha Mint – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Joshua)

Yep! It’s their Mocha Mint version of Dragon’s Milk. We’re big fans of the Reserve series!

Stone Merc Machine – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Julian R.)

Well HELLO there… Stone made a Hazy IPA? Up is down! Left is right. West coast is East coast?? Sure! This 9% DIPA is getting monster reviews too. Sadly, so few 🙁

Sierra Nevada Celebration – NO LONGER LIMITED!


(via Untappd Herr Mike)

Ok, so they opened up the floodgates on Celebration and we got a bunch today. STILL…. it’s the best Christmas beer of all time. PERIOD!

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