We got another shipment of Rockbridge Option #2. This is the last few cases that we’ll see until Mid-October. Stop what you’re doing and TEXT NOW! We’re only offering 24 hr holds this time around.

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to¬†314-399-9339.

Here’s what’s new;

Rockbridge Option #2 – 24 HOUR HOLD ONLY

Back again, crazy limited, crazy good. DON’T WAIT!

Schlafly Bonfire Box – LIMITED SEASONAL

Includes the AMAZING Pumpkin Stout! One time only for this mix-pack. Also features Nobel Lager, Dry Hopped APA, and House Brown Ale

Lagunitas Tuberfest – LIMITED SEASONAL

The new Oktoberfest beer from Lagunitas? OK! Massively hopped Marzen style lager. WOOT!

Southern Tier Pumking – FINALLY

The most popular pumpkin beer is FINALLY here for the season!

Southern Tier Warlock – FINALLY

The ubiquitous pumpkin stout is back again!