It’s funny… we’ve never posted a blog about new beer that lands on the END of the week AND the end of the year. So we hope you like what you see! This one is special! Take a look and, of course, hit us up for holds!

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North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve 2015 – LIMIT 1


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Have you ever had Old Stock Ale? It’s quite delicious. Classified as an Old Ale, this one is heavy, sweet, and strong. Kinda like a barleywine but just… different. Well the Barrel Aged version of it is amazing! You should have one. Oh and pay no attention to the photo, this is the 2015 version.


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Join us Saturday for a Founders Breakfast Stout On Us!

It’s been a long holiday season and it just KEEPS getting COLDER! We had a wonderful year with you and we’d like to say Thank You in our special Beer Geek way. Come warm up with a Founders Breakfast Stout. All you have to do is walk in the door and BAM!! Breakfast Stout. ON US.

Deschutes Abyss – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Steve H.)

Yes, we got some last week. YES, we got some more. YES, we can hold a bottle or 2 for you!

New Holland Dragons Milk Salted Caramel – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Thomas)

AHHHHHHRRRRGGGGGG!! Why don’t they make MORE of this stuff?? Everyone knows they could if they really wanted to. Ugh. Well, we got it today and we didn’t get a lot. Dammit New Holland!

Crane Beet Weiss – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Curt M.)

Ok, stick with us here. This one sounds weird but it all works. Beets are used for a sugar alternative so it’s got some sweetness to it. So it balances out the sharp sour of the Berliner Weiss base. It’s awesome!



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It’s in CANS now! WOOT!

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