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Introducing American Solera!

We’re extremely excited to introduce American Solera to St. Louis! Created by former Prairie Artisan Ales owner and pioneer Chase Healey, the American Solera beer project is one of the truly unique success stories in the Craft Beer World.

Due to limited quantities, we can only hold ONE AMERICAN SOLERA PER PERSON. Please select your top picks and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

American Solera Terroir Study – LIMIT [PICK ONE]

(via Untappd Keith S.)

Ahh CRAP! Ok, we need to relax. This is a collab with Jester King and American Solera.

American Solera The Ground Is Shaking – LIMIT [PICK ONE]

(via Untappd Andy B)

This is their sour brown. Or Oude Bruin for the purists out there. 4.21 on Untappd, this bad boy is aged in oak foeders.

American Solera Foeder Apricot – LIMIT [PICK ONE]

(via Untappd Paul TrueRealMerican)

This is out of control! It’s their wild ale with apricots. Save Us Geeebus!

American Solera Bright Black Delight – LIMIT [PICK ONE]

(via Untappd Joe S.)

DAMMIT!! This is just nuts.. we’re actually SWEATING while we’re writing this. HNNGGG!! This is their wild ale brewed with blackberries.

American Solera Eng-Yak – LIMIT [PICK ONE]

(via Untappd Todd M.)

This is… (oh man) their Cognac Barrel Aged Barleywine. Holy!!

Prairie Birthday Bomb! – IT’S HERE!! (LIMIT 4)

(via Untappd R.B.)

The 4th beer honoring the birth of Prairie Bomb! has arrived. AHHHHH!!!