Brooklyn Brewery has a rich history and brews some impressive beers. We’re absolutely pumped to have them in St. Louis! Take a look at what’s landed.

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Brooklyn Lager


(via Untappd Daniel S.)

Absolutely a perennial, their lager is simple, light and refreshing.

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison


(via Untappd Max R.)

Sorachi Ace is a type of hop originally developed in Japan. This beer showcases the hops beautifully. Nice, light, and refreshing. We had this one on tap already and it was great!

Brooklyn Summer Ale


(via Untappd Kathleen W.)

This is their only hoppy offering to hit MO so far. Summer Ale is a light Pale Ale. Are hoppy beers meant for Summer? Yes. Yes they are. (Also good in Winter, Spring, and Fall)

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