If you’re reading this you are about to come to our bottle share. WOOT! We love to have people join our bottle shares and have their own here as well. However, while we want to continue to do these at no charge, we have to put forth a couple new rules for bottle shares:


1. Everyone gets one glass to use. We’ll provide pitchers of water and dump buckets. Use your one glass wisely.
2. Don’t get wasted. Have fun but if you become over served we will have to cut you off. Even if you’re drinking your own beer. That sounds weird but we have a duty to protect.
3. We will be here working the bar and taking care of you. It is appropriate to tip your server even though it’s your beer. Bring cash to tip.
4. We close at 10 and will make a last call announcement at 9:45. Again, we love you guys (madly) but have to get out of there at a reasonable hour.
5. Drink water.
6. Eat food.
7. Have fun.
8. Be awesome.
9. We are allowed to make rules up as we go, but you guys know us and we’re cool and will do everything we are capable of to accommodate you.
10. Let us know if you need help getting home.
See you all later!