Friday blog post can only mean on thing – NEW BEER FOR YOUR FACEHOLES! Ok, here we go, kids:

Avery Perzik Saison


A classic saison—dry, crisp, fruity, spicy and refreshing— with a dose of summer—peaches!


Hop Zealot


We crafted this ale for those-some call them fanatics-devoted to the bountiful bines of the hop plant. Hop Zealot pours like a golden beam of sunshine with a massive blast of hop aroma that’ll make a true believer out of any IPA lover. Drain every last drop and beseech the bottle for more, but do not forsake your friends… They’re thirsty too!

Billy’s Chilies


Serrano, Habanero, Jalapeno, Anaheim, and Fresno chili peppers are the stars of this unfiltered wheat beer, providing wonderfully fresh, spicy aroma and a complex chili pepper taste. The chili flavor is mild, not dominant, thus making for an incredibly drinkable beer that pairs great with food and will leave you thirsty for more.

La Petite Saison


Saisons originated in Belgium as a key provision for toiling farmers during harvest time. Lucky for us, the abundant Colorado sunshine makes it Saison season year-round. La Petite pours hazy straw gold like a sunlit haystack with delightful aromas of lemon peel, peppercorn and orange blossom. Now put your pitchfork aside, relax, and refresh yourself.

West Bound Braggot


Pursuit of new and exciting flavors has long been a spark of wanderlust for many; from the spice traders of bygone times to the adventurous souls in craft brewing today. In the spirit of exploration, our brewers have crafted a farmhouse braggot with orange blossom honey from California, mountain pepper from Tasmania and Buddha’s Hand citrus from the Far East. Finished with a Belgian saison yeast, West Bound is a tribute to all trailblazers of taste.


Hermitage Brewing Company

Single Hop IPA Series – Hallertau Blanc


 Big and bold for German hops, with lots of tropical fruit avors and a fairly high alpha-acid content. Growers notes describe this variety as having moderate to strong floral and fruit character, featuring notes of pineapple, gooseberry and white grape, lemongrass, passion fruit and grapefruit. We found that description to be pretty spot-on. Reminiscent of many recent Southern Hemisphere varieties, notably Nelson Sauvin, but with a cleaner, less “dank” profile. The beer finishes nice and dry, with a lingering hint of sweet tropical fruit.

Straffe Hendrick Wild 2015


Straffe Hendrik Wild is een wilde variant van de bekende Straffe Hendrik Tripel. Just kidding –  This traditional beer is re-fermented with Brettanomyces’ yeast, which creates separate fruity flavors that harmonize with the rich use of aromatic hop varieties.

The wild yeasts give the beer a longer shelf life and flavor natural evolution over the years. The beer has a longer aging in bottle needed before it can be released.

Only after three months in the cellars the fermentation of the wild yeasts is completed and the young beer drinkable. However, the beer continues to evolve in the years following. The bitter hop aromas become softer, while the wild yeasts continue to work and are fruity and floral aromas.