March 2018

It’s Friday Which Means KBS!!

YES!! We totally got some KBS today. NO! We didn’t get a lot. While we love to do holds and be as convenient as possible, we still struggle with finding the optimum way to spread out extremely limited releases like… Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Got the Freshies!

It’s Tuesday! Just like with music and direct to DVD movies… today’s the day for NEW BEER! Check out what’s arrived and hit us up for holds. This is going to be a VERY fun week so you should just… Continue Reading →

Friday … Gotta Get Down.

WHAT?? It’s FRIDAY already?? This week just flew by! SO much good stuff came in this week including a huge haul on Tuesday (Evil Twin Doughtnut Break???). Well today we’ve got some special stuff for you as well. Take a… Continue Reading →

MASSIVE Haul Incoming!

Yes, it’s going to be one of those weeks! We have a slew of amazing beer coming in this week including KATY on Friday and some other ridiculous stuff. Today is no exception. Take a look at this haul! Want… Continue Reading →

Mother’s MILF Ultimate Has Arrived!

SWEET!! We heard that MILF was releasing in Springfield but we honestly didn’t expect it to come this way. We’re extremely excited to finally have this amazing beer available in our shop. We didn’t get a lot so we’re going… Continue Reading →

New Friday Beers are Here! Come and WEEKEND With Us!

Alright! It’s St. Patty’s weekend. It’s FRIDAY. We got some new goodies for to help you out, so let’s check em out, shall we?? Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 OR simply select each beer you want below and… Continue Reading →

New 4 Hands in the House!

WHAT’S UP?? We got 2 new 4 Hands today! Sure, one of them is a little bit late to the party, but both of them are SUPER cool! Check em and hit us up if you’d like a holdsie… Want… Continue Reading →

Tuesday Brings the OGs!

YUUUPPP!! It’s Tuesday so we got some new goodies for you in store. Some new freshies from 2nd Shift and a new NEIPA that we’re kinda excited about!! Check em out and come see your Beer Geek buddies today! Want… Continue Reading →

Saturday New Stuff?? YUUUUP!

Wait a second… we NEVER get stuff on Saturdays. Well, today is our lucky day because we have some new stuff. Check em out, do some holds, come see us for a beer! Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339… Continue Reading →

Tuesday BIG Beers Dropping…

This is a BIG day with BIG beer! We got a few that we’re absolutely pumped to see. Plus a few newbies and revisits we’re just excited to have back in the shop again. Check this out!! Want a hold?… Continue Reading →

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