July 2017

2nd Shift Cans In House NOW!

It’s getting more and more difficult to get our hands on 2nd Shift stuff! 🙁 But yesterday, they were kind enough to send us some. Take a look and GET ON IT if you want some before it goes bye-bye… Continue Reading →

New Beer Tuesday Is Happening!

So we got some super fun stuff in today. Take a look and hit us up for holds. Want a hold? Simply select each beer you want below and enter your name and email! Dogfish Head 120 Minute – LIMIT… Continue Reading →

Modern Brewery Cans Launch NOW!

Well DAMN! We didn’t expect to see Modern Brewery in cans any time soon and then WHAM… Citrapolis lands like a freight train. We’re extremely pumped to have Modern in our shop. If you know them, you know they’re a… Continue Reading →

Perennial Boysenberry Holds Open

Sup, G-Money All-Stars?? We finished our Perennial Boysenberry PRE-ORDERS, BOTTLE RELEASE, and now we’re ready to take holds. Want a hold? Simply select each beer you want below and enter your name and email! Perennial Boysenberry Berliner – LIMIT 6… Continue Reading →

Friday New & Fun & Awesome is HERE!

Hoppy Friday y’all! GET IT?? (That was our first ever beer pun and we challenge you to prove us differently. #InstantRegret) So we got some fun stuff in now and a special one-off beer that’s going to be here at 4… Continue Reading →

Wednesday Has New Beer Too, Guys!

Ok, a bunch of the stuff we expected today DID NOT come in. 🙁 However, a couple new goodies did arrive and they’re fun and exciting enough to make a blog post about it. So here we are. Let us… Continue Reading →

Tuesday: Both New AND Exciting. See Why Below…

Hey fellow beer enthusiasts! Do you like beer like we do? Then we like you! It’s Tuesday which means DAY 1 of the new beer week. Let’s take a look at what’s arrived. As a TEAM! If you like what… Continue Reading →

Ever get that “Fresh Beer Friday” feeling? Yeah, it’s a thing. We got some INSANE stuff today and we’re going to do our best to spread it around. Take a look at what’s here and BE READY TO HOLD!! Want… Continue Reading →

New Brews AND Some Exclusives Have Arrived! Be Ready!

We got some fun new stuff AND some exclusive Belgian beers today, available only at CBC! Be ready to hit us up for holds though… we only got a handful of each. Check it! Want a hold? Simply select each… Continue Reading →

Happy 4th Erryone!!

Today is the 4th of July? AND we have new beer for you?? AND we’re open today?! Yep, yep, yep. Take a look at what’s arrived and come see us! We’re open 10 to 4. Want a hold? Simply select… Continue Reading →

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