August 2016

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Friday!!! Aka End of Week!! AKA FK YEAH!!

Ok, hold on, this can’t be, can it? CAN IT?? We got Breakfast stout already?? Oh yeah we did. BREAKFAST STOUT IS HERE! Plus a few other goodies to check out. Text us NOW for holds at 314-399-9339 w your… Continue Reading →

Wednesday New Brewery Alert! New Beer Too!

Hey Folks! We’ve been asked for Innis & Gunn since the FIRST DAY we opened. These are world class beers and they’ve FINALLY made it to St. Louis! ALSO, Mikkeller & Alesmith created the first ever “Collaboration Brewery”. We got some… Continue Reading →

New Beer News

Text your name and hold requests to 314-399-9339. Here’s what’s new: Perennial Von Pamplemuse – LIMITED Berliner weisse with grapefruit and mandarin and a breezy hug. Anchor Dry-Hopped Steam The brewing process for San Francisco’s Anchor Steam Beer is unique the… Continue Reading →

It's Wednesday.. Which Can Only Mean…

Unbelievable face melting NEW stuff is here! Take a look at the list. Text us NOW for a 48 hour hold at 314-399-9339. Include your name! Jester King Biere de Miel – OUT OF STOCK (via Untappd Elliot) Jester King Le… Continue Reading →

This Week at CBC

Wednesday Crowdsourced Happy Hour IS BACK! 4 to 7 p.m. After a few busy weeks, the popular Crowdsourced Happy Hour has RETURNED! Help us pick TWO half priced beers for our Wednesday Happy Hour. The two beers with most votes… Continue Reading →

Weekend Ahead

Check out the newness and text any hold requests to 314-399-9339 now! Excel Forbidden Island – Back in stock! Double IPA brewed with all New Zealand hops. We love it. You will too. Excel Wicked Expensive Sour – EXTREMELY LIMITED… Continue Reading →

This Week at CBC

Abbey Taylor’s Last Night 🙁 Wednesday August 10 – 6PM to 9PM Sometimes good friends come and sometimes good friends go. In the curious case of Abbey Taylor, we go way beyond “good friend”; she is like our family. If you’ve been… Continue Reading →

Tuesday's Fresh Beer Blog-o-Rama

It’s TUESDAY which means NEW BEER! We’re absolutely PUMPED about getting Oracle in again. As always, text your name and hold requests to 314-399-9339. Your hold is good for 48 hours only. Here’s what’s new today: Bells The Oracle DIPA… Continue Reading →

Cellar Sale Tonight!

Starting at 6 PM tonight, we’re releasing our cellar for BOTH on and offsite consumption. These are beers that we have socked away and beers that we haven’t seen in a long time. They will go quickly. We’re going to… Continue Reading →

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