Hotter Than Helles - Greetings from Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hotter than Hell(es)

I recently took a long weekend to visit  my family in Hot Springs, AR. I do visit every year or so, as my mother and  siblings reside in this resort city of the south. Filled with stories of gambling, prostitution, and drinking via the speakeasy during prohibition, this city is wrapped around more than 3000 shore-line miles of lakes, winding through wooded forests and mountains. And it’s damned hot. Arkansas in July is blazing hot and humid. The Friday that I was there, the temperature was pushing 100℉, but with the heat index (measurement with humidity) we were nearing 110 ℉ – perfect for a Munich Helles Lager!


Hot Springs is so called because of the natural springs that run under the city and still, to this day, provide bathing and drinking water to residents and tourists, alike. Though a word of warning if you intend to fill your containers with water while in town, because as the name suggests, the water in town is just like the temperatures in July, hotter than hell(es).


Photo Credit: Hot Springs Village Realty

Many shifty, fast-thinking, rambunctious mobsters wondered the streets … Johnny Torrio, George “Bugs” Moran, The Barker Gang, Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone, and Bonnie & Clyde, to name a few, building hide-outs to escape the daily grind of gangster life. On this most recent visit, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours on Lake Hamilton, with some of my family. They took me by Capone’s lake house, which still showcases his easy escape route, right to his boat launch, just in case someone came knocking.


Each time I have visited over the past ten years, I have been surprised at the progressive steps that have been made in the craft beer industry. No, it’s not a Northeast or Northwest hot bed or beer mecca, but like every other place, wheels are in motion and progress is being made. Breweries are popping up: Lost Forty, Blue Canoe, Diamond Bear, Ozark Brewery, Saddlebock and Superior Bathhouse Brewery (actually located in one of the old bath houses), to name a few. 


Lost Forty Brewing - Amarillo Pale Ale - Little Rock, Arkansas
Photo Credit: Lost Forty Brewing via Facebook
Ozark Beer Co BCDS 2018 - Rogers, Arkansas
Photo Credit: Ozark Beer Co. via Facebook
Superior Bathouse Brewery - Little Rock, Arkansas
Photo Credit: All About Beer


There is even a Craft Beer Cellar in the up-and-coming downtown district. In most of the southern states in the US, Craft Beer Cellar’s are both Tap Rooms & Bottle Shops, and this one is no exception, featuring 27 beers on tap, with plenty of bottles and cans that are good for taking home. Lots of excellent beers being made in the state, with many that bend toward the malt-forward side. The only Helles I could find was from Germany, which wasn’t a bad thing at all, though I do look forward to seeing local breweries begin to nail these classic, lighter styles. 



This store, one of our 33, is one that has really helped nail down this industry in Arkansas, an area and region that has so much room for growth, with exciting times ahead! With family and friends in and around the area, this is most certainly a state that we have our eyes on, for a future store. We’re looking at you, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, or Bentonville. If you love beer, retail, people, hi-fives, and working hard for yourself and are thinking of taking that leap, check out our franchise information and fill out our application!


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