Cellar News: Best of Boston, Seasonal Sales, and More!

Best of Boston 2013It’s been a crazy week, beer geeks! But that’s how we like it.

We were very honored to win this year’s Best of Boston award from Boston magazine for Best Craft Beer Shop. We live and breathe craft beer and like to think that we’re doing a pretty good job at doing this Little Beer Store thing. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better, bring you the best beer possible, and bring the craft beer community together. And we won’t lie, it feels great to win! Just know that we won’t be resting on any laurels…it’s been just about a year since we decided to franchise, and with a little (more) hard work and dedication, the next year will surely bring many more surprises. So thank you to everyone who supports what we do…we certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ve also made a decision not to carry any seasonal fall beers (think: Oktoberfests, Pumpkin brews, Harvest beers) until September 1. We’ve seen the seasonal creep happen year after year (as noted by Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing Company noted in February of last year) and as Suzanne says, “It’s the right thing to do.” And whoa…people sure did respond! Beer Pulse even picked up the news, and we appreciate all the comments and opinions. Overall, though, most people seem pretty happy about the decision, but feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments below. What do you think about our decision?

We’ve also secured a location for our fifth franchise in the South Shore: 28 Commercial Street in Braintree! The location is a former hair salon, but we’re excited to transform the space into another craft beer haven. We also have a Waterbury, Vermont location in the works and turning our attention toward Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine. Stay tuned…we’ll be updating you as more details come in.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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