What Do You Think of This Blue Hills Ad?

photo (2)As we perused our American Craft Beer Fest booklets in preparation for this weekend’s festivities, we couldn’t help but notice this ad from Blue Hills Brewery. Is it funny or offensive?

We have to admit that at first glance (and second and third), we had no real positive feedback about this ad. A classic approach, to be sure: who hasn’t heard that sex sells? But to us, by focusing on two attractive white people (a big-chested gal and a super horny dude) who should get together and, like, totally drink some Blue Hills Watermelon Wheat together, we wound up just cringing. And maybe you don’t agree, and that’s fine, because Blue Hills isn’t the only company to take this tack, which places a heavy emphasis on the physical.

We polled a handful of our own beer geeks on staff about the ad, and reactions ranged from those who chuckled and thought it was funny to others who were “embarrassed for the brewery” to a more straightforward, “It’s crap.” One of the brewery’s fans posted on their Facebook page: “Saw your personal ad in the American craft beer festival brochure…it was gross, what are you guys thinking?? Busty horny women?? Cmon, gross!” To which they responded: “It’s just a joke! Don’t be so serious. But it got your attention, right? That’s the point of advertising, I guess.”

It’s a bummer to see that this was their response to the criticism. And as to being serious, we’re all for not taking ourselves too seriously, and we realize you can’t please everyone all of the time. But we’re not sure that chalking the decision up to effective, attention-grabbing advertising is the solution, either. Had they not considered that this ad might come across as offensive? Just because it has shock value, doesn’t make it okay, right? Take this for example. Or this. Or this. There’s no lack of tasteless, offensive advertising out there. We’d like to think there was a little more thought (and hopefully, second, third, and fourth opinions) before the ad went to press. There are a lot of ways to communicate “successful relationship building,” around craft beer as implied by the ad, and quite frankly, we just don’t think this is one of them. And if there is an attractive, “busty” gal at the Blue Hills booth this weekend, we hope she doesn’t have to deal with the potential dialogue that could result from any horny SWMs who happen to swing by.

What do you think? Is this ad offensive? Funny? Effective? Do we need this kind of advertising in craft beer? Weigh in!


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