Behind the Scenes: CBC² Collaboration Brew!

Pop quiz: name those ingredients!

Last week we had the fortunate opportunity to brew a collaboration beer with Cambridge Brewing Company. The result? Two local beer businesses + three initials = one great beer.

The day started early (6:30 a.m.!), and involved turning 700 pounds of grain and 7 types of hops (Mt. Hood, Chinook, Cascade, Galena, Mosaic, Sorachi Ace, and Galaxy) into beer using CBC’s 10-barrel system. Will Meyers, Lead Brewer Jay Sullivan, and Brewers Gretchen Lewis and Adrian Beck-Oliver are an impressive team, and it was awesome to be a part of the process. Our arms are pretty sore from stirring the shit out of that mash!

Brewing beer is a labor of love, and these guys love what they do: the way they take turns, talk to one another, and take a completely hands-on approach is remarkable. We had the opportunity to brew at Sierra Nevada and it involved a lot more button pushing than getting your hands dirty, so-to-speak. Don’t get us wrong, we love Sierra Nevada and their system has to be a certain way for their production volumes, which we totally understand. And Will is an amazing teacher, so we’re pretty pumped that it was such a valuable learning experience.

The beer we brewed is a hoppy Hefeweizen that will hit Cambridge Brewing Company’s tap lines in two or three weeks, and will be in bottles on our shelves sometime in mid-July. We aimed for 6.5% ABV and 30 IBUs and of course, had to name it CBC². This is Beer #1!

A huge thank you to Cambridge Brewing Company for making this happen, and we can’t wait to share the result with everyone. Until then, check out the photos of our brew day:

Jay Sullivan preps grainstuffs.
Gretchen Lewis and Will Meyers.
Will Meyers explains how it’s done while Suzanne stirs the mash.
Kate shows that mash who’s boss.
CBC²: Coming soon to a certain bar and beer store near you!




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